Heritage Carrots with a Ginger Chilli Dressing

Wandering through the Vege shop this week, I came across  bunches of coloured heritage carrots and was inspired to simply shave them and toss them with this zesty dressing. Letting the beauty of the carrots speak for themselves. Shaved thinly, the different colours are stunning and make a brilliantly hued dish. 


You can of course use orange carrots just as well, the ginger and chilli plays off the sweetness of the carrots well.. I use rice wine vinegar because its not as acidic as other vinegars and has a mild flavour.

This is a fat free dressing, if you’re aiming for a low-fat diet


4-5 Carrots peeled

1 chilli finely diced

1 spring onion sliced

1 T minced ginger

75 ml rice wine vinegar

1T honey




As these carrots were so pretty I shaved them into ribbons with the vege peeler. Just run the peeler lengthways down the carrot, and if you lie the carrot on the chopping board it’s a bit easier. 

Mix all the dressing ingredients in a bowl and then toss in the ribbons, and spring onion. Check the seasonings.

This keeps well, and the salad goes well with chicken or seafood. And of course any Asian dish. 

I sometimes use this dressing in coleslaw, and it also goes really well with thinly sliced or cubed cucumber. And if you are using just orange carrots grating works too. 


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