The First of The First of — is always one of “those” dates that draws a line in the sand. It is an arbitrary beginning, and as with all endings and beginnings, we naturally look back and evaluate past actions, achievements and failures; and then strategize, calculate and determine our plans for the following 12 months. Sometimes we choose a completely new path, and sometimes its just a mid-course correction.

We pause to reflect on the lives of those around us, and possibly revisit the grief of losing someone – either in their passing, or just the fact that they have drifted out of our lives… The media bombard us with “The Best/Worst —— of 20—“. They treat us to some macabre annual line up of celebrities who have died – a morbid “Who’s Who”. We are urged to “Celebrate the night in style” And to bring in the New Year with a massive party…..

But, essentially it is a day, just like any other, starting with sun rise and ending with the setting sun…

Some of my more memorable New Years Eves, have been quiet and still. One of my dearest was spent in a hushed Neo-natal unit, tube feeding my brand new, prem, baby son. Just me, my bairn, 4 other babies and one of the gentlest Neo-nate Nurses… quietly caring for the world’s newest and most precious inhabitants….

23 years later and NYE has become the 3rd night in my Christmas New Year trilogy. We fire up the Pizza oven, and gather (hopefully) outside to literally break bread, chat and see the old year out and the new year in. Its generally small, some family and a few of my kids’ friends, and if it’s a warm night, they next generation may well end up in the pool at the stroke of midnight….

And last night, my eldest tried his hand at the Lolly cake Cheesecake – to rave reviews, so the baton is being handed on… https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post/chrissiestable.com/363

This year one of my off spring had spread their wings and had jetted overseas for New Years with friends…. His “presence” was missed, but it wasn’t really bittersweet… The excitement of seeing him soar, more than tempering his absence… I am at the cusp of the kids always being home for Christmas, and the time when I wonder Who will come back for Christmas…. The times, they are (defiantly) a changing… It seems so long, and yet so short, since that peaceful, quiet night in the Neo-natal unit – a veritable life time for one, and a blink of the eye for me….

2018 was an eventful year for me. The old family home being sold after 47 years; my mother moving North to join my sister in a new life for both of them. My youngest finishing school – after 18 years of being a School Mum, that’s a bit of a shift…

Starting this blog, is the first step in my new stage of life. Thanks to all of you who have stopped by for a visit, I wish I could offer you all a slice of cake and a chat… your support and interest have been overwhelming. My hope for 2019, is that you’ll hear a lot more from me, and that some of you at least will find inspiration in my words and ideas….

And where ever you are in life’s journey, whether you are on the cusp of something new, or just checking your progress, may this New Year’s Day find you in a peaceful place…

So I leave you with a quote from one of my losses of the year… The late Anthony Bourdain, who inspired me to write about food, and who’s food/life/travel philosophies often echoed mine….

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