A Milestone and New Horizons…

A recent interaction with a new acquaintance has reminded me I really should be writing more..

My blog log jammed in recent months, because life has exploded in all its technicoloured adventures; and the blog I had already drafted had become too cumbersome, the thought of editing it was proving a stumbling block. So, I shall cheerfully shelve the “Postcards from Summer”, and will do a wee piece on the here and now…

The birthday cake, covering 21 years of enthusiasms…

We recently celebrated the Coming of Age of one of my kids. It was an old-fashioned family event – he has been promised a more suitable “friends only” celebration later in the year. But he indulged me; letting me gather together whanau and friends to take joy in the adult, that my boy has become.

There was (of course) Food! But there was also Love, as palpable as the cake on the table. His life journey to date has not been straight forward, but we came together to acknowledge that adversity had created an adult with wit, charm, kindness, success and drive. As well as an empathy for others’ troubles that only personal struggle will give you. He is by no means perfect, but, he certainly gives me a fair share of #proudmamamoments…

We celebrated with “wine and song” and the meal was based around a shared Pig, roasted on the spit, that had been kindly cooked and prepped by one of the legion of “Villagers” that have helped me raise my boy. And a plethora of desserts (at least 7) – he had an extensive wish list!

Team “Kanye” (looking vaguely possessed)
And THE Belt

There were old friends and new; we gathered 3 generations of family; and people travelled far and wide to join us. It was the kind of occasion that I love the most – friends, whanau and food… A night where “magic happened”… My eldest stole the night, with the most perfect gift – a replica WWE wrestling belt, that became the prop for the night, as it was passed from young man  to young man – and as the night progressed to more than one middle aged woman.. We are definitely equal opportunities here.. lol. And a team effort by friends, uncle, and even Dad, to nonchalantly arrive wearing a t-shirt with his favourite Rapper on the front, rendered my boy speechless…

And there were words, words, words – because this family always marks occasions with words – carefully chosen, and spoken from the heart. My dear Dad, long since passed, would enjoy that particular tradition – him being a man of many words….

Words Words Words

But it was a celebration tinged with a certain sorrow. Because after 22 years, almost to the day, it was possibly the last major “event” to be held in the house we’ve affectionately named The Frat House. As retirement looms for one of us, the sensible decision has been made to downsize. And as with all major life changes, I am viewing the next 12 months with a combination of sadness and excitement. This home holds so many memories, ghosts of people long passed; echoes of music played, laughter and dancing. I had 2 of my 3 kids here and they have now all grown from baby steps to adults, within her walls. I have watched their friends come, and some go… We’ve had baby showers; birthday parties, Christmas Feasts; Pool Parties; Posh Dinners; BBQs and Pizza nights… The house has grown with us, as we added a “Man Cave” and a spare room/suite for visitors. Spaces for partying, spaces for solitude…

Talisman… cutthroat, vicious and can last for days..

The tables have seen games! From “Apples to Apples”; “Talisman”; “Cards against Humanity”; “Monopoly’; “Scrabble”; “Exploding Kittens” and even the odd hand of Poker….. The Family room has seen hours of “Paper and Pen”; a role-playing game, similar to “Dungeons and Dragons”; that by and large comes out of the brain of my eldest – and has lasted over 7 years –  spawning art works by nephew and daughter…

And those same tables have seen meals…. 1000s of meals…. Some eaten around the table; some just shared from it…. Recently, over dinner, one of my “extras” was heard to say “There’s be some interesting conversations around this table”…. #jobdone…

So, all these precious memories, I will carefully wrap and take with me to our new home…. Along with whatever belongings survive the downsizing cull…  We’re investigating “options” for our next pad. And yes, it will be smaller – with considerably fewer bathrooms to clean (The Frat House boasts 4-5); but it will have a table to sit around; a room to party in; a couch to curl up on and gossip; a kitchen to continue to feed body and soul… and space…. A space to welcome all those that I love….

Sunset reflected in The Frat House..

5 thoughts on “A Milestone and New Horizons…

  1. Wow. What a legacy. A home filled with love and memories – such a great send-off of the home, then – a 21st birthday, filled with food, love and words. I had such a sentimental moment reading this, thinking back our family, now either passed on or spread around the world – and I miss those times, miss those moments (even when my brothers were being insufferable big bullies, or I was being an insufferable little monster)
    Congrats on your youngest’s journey of becoming, and thank you for the humanity to recognise we’re all human and have our imperfections.
    Here’s to more words, more love, and most importantly – more food!

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