Departure Lounge Ponderings…

After a fabulous long weekend away, I’m people watching and  blogging from an airport – makes me almost feel like a real writer! Lol

Its been one of those magic weekends, when I’ve mixed all of my loves – indulging in food, art, music, nights, lights, and laughter! And I’m returning home, absolutely knackered, but boy is my soul replete…

Working Class Man..

Have spent time with a good percentage of my top 20 people. The people who I consider Whanau in every meaning of the word.


Before I left, a new friend asked me about the women I would be travelling with. I described them as the ones who have my back, who love me unconditionally and who share the same life values. The other people who I’ve caught up with, are the same. Unconditional love. It is the very glue that holds my world together.

Was chatting to the wisest woman I know over breakfast today. We came to the conclusion that all of us look for a family/village/community – whichever word you want to use – and the very luckiest of us, find the one that grows us and brings out the best of us. 

Wellington Lights

Sadly, the world is full of those who stumble from a Bad start into a community/family/village that isn’t there to nurture, but to USE. Those are the people who never seem to get a break. The people who have “slipped through the cracks”…  I think its incumbent on all of us to try and fill those cracks… and unconditional love is my starting point…. I’ve had challenging people in my life – we all do; but have found the way that helps me, is to see the person within, love that and then the outer behaviours, become if not manageable then at least understandable.

But I am certainly no saint! I get pissy, tired, cranky and judgemental. And, as I keep telling friends, I’m a work in progress… but finding a way to live – in the way I believe in, is helping to smooth out those bits.  And finally reaching a time in my life that will be less hectic, and less demanding of my time and emotions, is giving me time to reflect, and adjust my world view… and work out what really is important.

Which of course, for me,  is people. As I’m fond of noting, we only get 1 Life. 1 chance to Live! Love! Laugh! We need to leave this a better place than when we arrived. Some are working on saving the planet, I like to think I’m working on the people I’m lucky to meet.

Visiting Shoe Porn in Wellington

I was born into Luck. Brilliant parents, fabulous siblings, comfortable start…. Sure life has thrown me a few curve balls, but we all get those. I try to find, if not the answer, then at least something to learn  – to take to the next game…

Homemade love

I’m Blessed, I have good roots. They have held me thru many storms, and times of massive self-doubt and self-aversion. When I’m at the lowest, I reach back, back to where I came from….  Regroup. Re-breathe and head back out…

But of late, I have also found new people. People who don’t know my story, my history, my baggage.. and I find a freedom to be just me. It has been with their encouragement, that I am finding new ways to “be brave” and overcome some old insecurities… they are becoming an extension of the village that is raising me… and here too I find, if not love, then unconditional acceptance…it has been liberating, and has given me courage…

So readers, friends, whanau… Whanau yet to become… thank you… you inspire every day…

“Mai te Kōpae ki te urupa tātou ako tonu  ai”

From the Cradle to the grave we are forever learning..

Wellington on a good day

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