My daily meanderings take my past the local BMX track. It’s obscured by trees and embankments, but you can hear the shrieks and whirrs of peddles as they shoot past. And there is a part that rises above the Palisade, where if you time it right, you see the cyclist fly by, often airborne, always with a satisfied grin. Popular with kids of all ages, my early morning walks seldom see actual live teenagers there lol. But there is a steady stream of younger fry, accompanied by their bleary eyed parents – I empathise, this night owl found any early morning shenanigans hard to cope with…..

There’s a “practice mound” to one side, that I’ve often perched on, to contemplate the estuary, the birds and to just sit and remember.. Best to be done in summer tho, that packed earth is mighty damp and cold in winter, as I once discovered, lol…

Practice mound, not to be sat on in Winter
Estuary View

Yesterday, tho, as I strode past in the early morning light; I could hear the shriek of a very young girl and the encouraging calls of a Dad “Peddle Mate! Just keep Peddling!”… As I rounded the corner, I timed it perfectly, as a young boy, about 6, sped over the top, not quite airborne, but definitely with a very satisfied grin… Followed by dad, with giggling baby sister in a backpack speeding behind him; “Keep peddling Mate! That was the Hardest bit!”… Dad turned, grinned to me, his pride in his son’s success joyously evident.. and then the 3 of them disappeared from view but the encouraging and the giggling continued into the distance. A snapshot of a family’s memory making. I know that all 3 will go home and talk about the time a wee mite made it over the “Hardest Bit”..

The Hardest Bit

It made me ponder. How many times in life are we heading into the Hardest Bit, and we falter; not confident enough to keep peddling, trying to focus on the road ahead and not lose our courage. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a permanent figure encouraging us to “Keep Peddling Mate!”?

This past week I have found myself both the peddler and the follow up support cyclist calling out the encouragement. I do know which role I am more comfortable with. My cyclist, successful negotiated the Hardest Bit, and I am humbled to have been there, supporting them and giving them some hope.

Its after The Hump that I’m pondering at the moment. Is it a transient relationship; just a brief spot in time when lives cross, or are some relationships destined to cover the whole track? I often wish I had a crystal ball and could know in advance which it will be. Though that might make me invest less in the briefer encounters; maybe not knowing beforehand makes my input, as it should be, full 100%. Some cyclists let me join them for the rest of the course; some give a cheery wave; and some sadly, just peddle off. Human nature, huh? I try to look for things I have learned from each and every one of these encounters; and take some new piece of wisdom with me; try to take comfort in the fact I helped someone, and not the aftermath..

Making Memories

And me? I’m still approaching The Hardest Bit; And I am blessed to have a few voices encouraging me to Peddle!… And just summoning the courage to do so….

I hope, whenever you near a Hardest Bit; you find some voices cheering you on, encouraging you, and cheering at your success when you fly over the top… We all belong to the same support crew, one day the cyclist, one day the cheer squad; and sometimes, just sometimes, we are all the small girl, shrieking with laughter as we fly over the top, clinging to whatever people we are on the adventure with..

If you are slowly peddling towards something tough; or trying to improve your PB on a course well ridden, the “Keep Peddling! You CAN get over the Hardest Bit”…

As always, thanks for popping by.. x

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