“A Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” – Lao Tzu

We all know that taking the first step, may be the hardest but best thing we will do

10,000 days

10,000 days that started with just one step.

A recovery journey that began with a hand held out to help

A journey of self-healing, self-discovery, finding a way to live in recovery.

On that journey their hand was left out, initially, still to be helped, but eventually to reach out and help others.

A journey that found Light.

Found purpose to Shine Their Light.

Saw a need at the start of the pandemic to shine that light for others.

That Light found me, and hundreds of other people – all of us on our own recovery journey.

Those Steps and That Light has encouraged, united, challenged.

Made some of us step up

Step out of our comfort zones.

Helped us discover our own lights, which we now shine out, for those who are still lost, still in pain…

This friend is about to celebrate 10,000 days of recovery.

A milestone

A massive achievement

A cause to celebrate.

She chose to start her celebrations the day before by inviting us to join her in a very special meditation.

“Breath out your pain; breath in Love” – the backbone of most healing meditations.

But not today.

Today was all about shining our lights Out

Breathing in the pain; loneliness; anxiety; fear; ignorance

Breathing out Love; Comfort; Kindness; Strength; Calm

Sending out connection to any who feel as Outcasts.

Holding a place

Holding out our hands

It was powerful

Her 10,000 days have not always been easy. Not always straightforward. But she now trusts the process

Has learned to say “Yes” to her HP, and has put in place Recovery tools and resources for everyone

She modestly says it’s not her, that she is just saying yes. But she is the channel for those ideas, and has the courage to say yes.

She will be modest on her 10,000th day.

But we will celebrate her.

She has shown so many of us the way to Recovery. In fellowships, out of fellowships; letting others find their strengths as teachers, guiders, facilitators.

She has taught us all to find our lights, and shine them for others. Become beacons to welcome in everyone who is lost.

To hold our hands out to help others in

To pray for those for whom nobody prays

She is rather fond of flamingos

She is amazing

She is my friend

10,000 days. Pretty damn cool!

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