“Tara Chook, Keep Smiling”

Back in January, I wrote a blog about the people who live on the periphery of our lives “The Regulars” (https://chrissiestable.com/2020/01/31/the-regulars/  ) And I wrote about Dave, who was moving from a regular to a friend…. As summer came to a close; we would see each other most days, and chat. He was English, always … Continue reading “Tara Chook, Keep Smiling”

Deep Voices and Loud Laughter

My younger son has left home. The exodus from the family home has begun… To mark his leaving, there was, of course, a shared dinner… And as my, ever increasing, whanau sat, sated, playing a card game, I was given to reflect on the deep voices around my table and the full bellied laughs…… There … Continue reading Deep Voices and Loud Laughter

Wrapping it up….

My FB memories have been reminding me of the series of blogs I wrote this time last year which were recipes for the holiday season… What a difference a year makes? This blog has morphed into my musings about Life, and while I’m still cooking, feeding people and playing with recipes, my muse appears to … Continue reading Wrapping it up….

It’s been a funny old decade…

There’s a “thing” going around Twitter at the moment, as 2019 comes to an end, you’re meant to tweet what you have learned in the last decade.. I decided my learnings were too many to fit into 280 characters! So wrote this, in my head, on the beach.. Am hoping it transfers intact to paper.. … Continue reading It’s been a funny old decade…