Wrapping it up….

My FB memories have been reminding me of the series of blogs I wrote this time last year which were recipes for the holiday season… What a difference a year makes? This blog has morphed into my musings about Life, and while I’m still cooking, feeding people and playing with recipes, my muse appears to … Continue reading Wrapping it up….

A Tasty Triple Treat

These last 3 cookie recipes round out my Christmas Baking…. Gifted to me by a Bestie, a Big Sister and one of my son’s school homework project; they really remind me of Christmas’s past, and people I love… Christmas Cook bookHand written, with extra bitsAmended, adapted and reminders My Christmas recipe book is hand written, … Continue reading A Tasty Triple Treat

The Twelve Foodie Days of Christmas..

Christmas at Chrissie’s House is like it is for most people – that mix of old family traditions and trying some new things to spice things up…. Southern Hemisphere Christmas in the Sun As we move towards the festive season, I’m going to attempt to give you 12 Foodie posts to give you some ideas, … Continue reading The Twelve Foodie Days of Christmas..